May 10th, 6:20 pm

Rid your fridge of bad smell


No matter how modern your refrigerator is, no one is safe from foul smell occurrence in it. With this annoying phenomenon, which can completely discourage appetite and make products unattractive, from time to time all owners of kitchen appliances have to deal with. Of course, the most appropriate advice on how to get rid of the smell is to thoroughly rinse drawers, but in some cases even after ideal general cleaning does not help. But not to worry! Our goal is to get rid of the bad smell, not the fridge.

We will use methods proven to be effective by generations, which will remove any unpleasant smell, and prevent new appearance, all this without using chemicals. In here we have complied, most popular tips and tricks.

What causes bad odors in the refrigerator?

A well known rule says that to prevent is much easier than to eliminate – this is also true for the smell settled in the fridge. Here are the main reasons why bad smell occurs:

1. Brand new smell of a purchased appliance

Your refrigerator, like any new home appliance, has its own smell – metal, plastic and other materials. To many, it seems unpleasant and capable of spoiling the aroma of food. Good news is that it is quite easy to get rid of this smell by washing it with baking soda or any other cleaning agent. Dry all surfaces, leave the chamber door open for several hours or even over night, and then you start using it.

2. Food storage without use of plastic containers or bags

Unfortunately, some foods even being perfectly fresh can literally soak not only into the fridge’s surface, but also other products. A simple solution is to use airtight containers.

3. Drain problems

Perhaps you didn’t even suspect that there was such a hole in your refrigerator, but if you don’t pay enough attention to it, the drain can remind itself with an unpleasant smell. So once a year it is useful to clean it for preventive purposes. Where to look for these holes, you will be prompted by instructions for your appliance. Or if missing, it can be easily found on the internet.

4. Spoiled foods

Everything seems ordinary here – the smell of spoiled food is unattractive, but the persistence of this aroma is impressive. The solution to this problem is to periodically check the expiration dates indicated on the packaging, container labels with stickers with the date by which the product must be eaten, or thrown away.

Means that will help eliminate odor in the fridge

We have collected the most popular methods that many fridge owners use it case of similar problems:

1. Vinegar

A popular eco-friendly cleaner (vinegar method). To prepare a working mixture of vinegar, use water with 1 to 1 ratio of with vinegar and wipe all of the inside of your fridge.

2. Baking soda

Soda works both as an effective natural detergent and as an excellent odor absorber. To begin, wipe the refrigerator with a mixture of baking soda and then rinse. Next step is to pour a little soda in a bowl and leave it inside the fridge at all times - the smell will be absorbed continuously, all you have to do is replace bowl with baking soda every 2-3 months.

3. Ammonia

Is it considered “heavy artillery”, because it helps to remove some of the most oldest and stale smells. We wipe the shelves and surface with ammonia, leave the refrigerator door open for a day and enjoy the result.

4. Lemon juice

Works similarly to vinegar method, only the amount of juice for the mixture is minimal – just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on a sponge or cloth and wipe the chamber.

5. Activated charcoal tablets

One hundred percent working penny method. If you have charcoal tablets in your home, crush about 30-40 tablets into powder and pour it a saucer. Keep in the refrigerator until the odor disappears. By the way, this same coal can be reused – just warm it in the oven at 180 degrees and you’re good to go.


So, you just washed your refrigerator completely, used one of the above methods to eliminate the smell, and placed everything that belongs in it back. What to do to prevent the recurrence of an unpleasant odor? Use natural absorbents. In addition to “baking soda” trick, there are few more ways that will help protect your fridge from awful odors:

1. Rye bread

Bread perfectly absorbs odors – just cut it into small pieces and put them on the shelves of the fridge.

2. Rice

Here we are talking about raw rice grains. Pour a handful of rice into a plate and place on the shelves.

3. Potato, onions and apples

Cut any of these and place it on a plate, then leave it inside the fridge. Just replace slices every 2-3 days.

4. Spices, herbs, vanilla, citrus peels

Their fragrant bouquet will naturally prevent the smell occurrence. This remedy requires tarragon, thyme, cloves, basil and vanilla extract.

5. Coffee

A brilliant natural absorber of unpleasant odors. It doesn’t matter if it’s an instant or natural coffee. Simply brew coffee and place a cup inside the turned off refrigerator. Repeat several times if necessary.

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