Clearwater Cleaning Service:

Clearwater Cleaning Service provides professional services at competitive prices. The cleaning of any area, be it apartments or a house, is handled by real professionals with at least 2 years of experience. The main principles of our staff are timeliness, professionalism, attention to detail as well as affordable prices.

At the same time exclusively modern equipment is used in the process, and all employees before starting to clean undergo special training in the selection of equipment, chemicals and safety, which brings the concept of cleaning to a new level of efficiency.

All of our employees are screened, bonded, and insured. Supervision is performed daily.

We do not rest on our laurels and improve our equipment, used chemicals and monitor the development trends of the cleaning industry.

About Blog:

On our behalf, we keep a blog to help our customers with everyday home care. It is not always necessary to call a cleaning company right away, instead you can find a way to take care of it yourself! In our blog, we share the most modern cleaning methods, different life hacks, different situations. Each article is enriched with years of knowledge and experience.

Our ways:

We’ve developed a loyalty system for our regular customers. In addition to that, we constantly offer various discounts and bonuses, fully understanding today’s uneasy and sometimes dire economic and social situations. We try to provide services as best we can, thereby showing the client not only our impeccable work results, but also the ability looking at things from an ethical point of view.

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